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Pathway of Life Garden

HomeCare & Hospice’s Pathway of Life Garden at Grandview Cemetery in Batavia offers a unique opportunity to create a lasting, public tribute to a loved one.


Surrounded by flowers and foliage and protected by shady trees, the memorial brick garden is a place of quiet reflection where engraved bricks honor the memory of lost loved ones.


Longtime Volunteer - Gordon Meek

Gordon Meek is a volunteer through the Cornell Cooperative Extension who tends to our Memorial Brick Garden in Batavia each spring. Gordon had a wonderful experience with Hospice when his wife passed away over 16 years ago. When in his Master Gardener program, the opportunity to become involved with our Memorial Garden came up, and he decided to take it on. He has been helping us for the past 8 years. Each year, donations of geraniums, mulch, compost and weed killer are solicited through Pudgie’s Lawn and Garden and TOPS in Batavia. Gordon then picks up the donations, does a clean up of the garden each year before Mother’s Day and plants the flowers before Memorial Day. Gordon also tends to the garden all summer. We are so grateful for the dedication and commitment Gordon has showed us throughout the years. Thank you Gordon!!