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Free Aide Training


Home Health Aide (HHA), Personal Care Aide (PCA) and Home Attendant (HA) jobs allow a good fit for those who want to make a difference in people’s lives by providing one-on-one care in the comfort of patients’ homes.


There is an increasing need and number of opportunities for home health care workers.


HHA, PCA and HA jobs allow you to have a flexible schedule. Home care is a meaningful career helping others in your community. Offers life, health and dental insurance; flexible hours, paid time off, travel allowance, bonus programs and more.


HomeCare & Hospice has planned free training classes for those interested in pursuing Personal Care Aide, Home Health Aide and Hospice Aide positions with the agency.

Classes are scheduled throughout the year at our regional offices in Olean, Batavia, Warsaw, Wellsville and Little Valley.

The following classes are scheduled for 2019: (class dates and times are subject to change)

Batavia Core Curriculum 01/07/19– 01/18/19  
  Health Related Tasks Curriculum 01/21/19 – 02/06/19        2/11/19


Little Valley Core Curriculum    02/11/19–02/22/19  
  Health Related Tasks Curriculum


   02/25/19– 03/13/19 3/18/19
Olean Core Curriculum 03/25/19 – 04/05/19  
  Health Related Tasks Curriculum


04/08/19 – 04/24/19 4/29/19
Warsaw Core Curriculum 04/22/19 – 05/03/19  
  Health Related Tasks Curriculum


05/06/19 – 05/22/19 5/28/19
Wellsville Core Curriculum 06/03/19 – 06/14/19  
  Health Related Tasks Curriculum


06/17/19 – 07/02/19 7/08/19
Batavia Core Curriculum 07/08/19 – 07/19/19  
  Health Related Tasks Curriculum


07/22/19 – 08/07/19 8/12/19
Open Core Curriculum 08/19/19 – 08/30/19  


Health Related Tasks Curriculum 09/03/19 – 09/19/19      9/23/19
Open Core Curriculum 09/30/19– 10/11/19  
  Health Related Tasks Curriculum 10/14/19– 10/30/19      11/7/19



Aide positions offer competitive wages, flexible hours, paid time off, travel allowance, health, life and dental insurance, and other bonuses.




Call  Kimberly Pauly, Employee Relations Coordinator, at 800-719-7129 or 716-372-2106 or email to find out when and where our free training courses will be held.


Visit the Emploment page to learn more about professional opportunities with HomeCare & Hospice.