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Home Attendant


The Home Attendant will be supervised by a registered professional nurse.


1. Household work and personal tasks such as:
a. Grocery shopping for patient
b. Other shopping for patient
c. Patient laundry; wash/dry in and outside home
d. Clean Bathroom
i. Sink and Counter
ii. Bathtub/shower
iii. Toilet
iv. Sweep/Mop floor
v. Walls
vi. Shower curtain
vii. Window curtain
viii. Wastebaskets
e. Prepare meals – Breakfast/Lunch/Dinner
f. Clean kitchen
i. Sweep/vacuum floor
ii. Mop floor
iii. Dishes/pots after meal
iv. Counter tops/table top
v. Inside kitchen cabinets
vi. Inside stove
vii. Inside refrigerator
viii. Other appliances (toaster, etc.)
ix. Outside appliances
g. Clean Bedroom
i. Make beds
ii. Change bed linens
iii. Dust dresser tops, etc.
iv. Vacuum/dust floors
v. Wash curtains
vi. Wash blankets/bedspreads
vii. Walls
h. Clean other living areas
i. Curtains, shades
j. Dust
k. Garbage
l. Vacuum/sweep floors
m. Other special tasks
n. Wash curtains, clean shades, etc

2. Adheres to and reflects organizational values in daily work.

3. Shall serve on agency committees as may be assigned.

4. Maintains obligation to report wrongdoing/violation of agency policies, applicable to federal, state and local laws and rules and regulations, as pertaining to agency operations to immediate supervisor or identified compliance officer

5. Completes all mandatory in-service education programs and completes any other additional in-service hours that are minimally required for the position.


1. Must be 18 years of age or older
2. Minimum of 8th-grade math and reading skills
3. Able to lift a minimum of 20 pounds, perform one person transfer under routine and emergency situations, reposition a bedbound patient alone, and able to sit, stand, bend, stoop, kneel, pull, climb, reach, lift, and perform repetitive movements of the upper extremities.
4. Acceptable driver’s license and automobile available for use with current insurance.
5. Successful completion of training as required by the agency
6. Use of telephone


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