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Home Health Aide


The Home Health Aide / Hospice Aide will be supervised by a Registered Professional Nurse


  1. Assists with care of teeth and mouth.
  2. Assists with grooming – care of hair, including shampoo, shaving and the ordinary care of nails.
  3. Assists with bathing of patient in bed, in tub, and in the shower.
  4. Assists patient in moving from bed to chair, wheel chair, and in walking.
  5. Assists patient with toileting.
  6. Assists patient with eating.
  7. Assists patient with dressing.
  8. Completes assigned incidental housekeeping (performed only where there is a responsible adult in the household, who may be the patient.)
  9. Prepares and serves meals according to instructions including simple and complex modified diets.
  10. Makes and changes beds.
  11. Dusts and vacuums the rooms the patient uses.
  12. Completes dishwashing.
  13. Tidies bathroom.
  14. Lists needed supplies.
  15. Shops for patient if no other arrangement possible.
  16. Does patient’s personal laundry if no family member available; this may include necessary ironing and mending.
  17. Sends linen to laundry.
  18. Assists with payment of bills and perform other essential errands.
  19. Cleans lightly and/or tidies bedroom – may do floors, furniture, and bedding.
  20. With guidance from the RN Care Coordinator and/or Regional Nurse Manager, arranges the schedule so that patient follows medical recommendations such as increased physical activity.
  21. Takes temperature, pulse, respiration and blood pressure (on the arm) when advised.
  22. Keeps simple records as instructed by RN Care Coordinator or other supervising registered nurse.
  23. Accompanies patient to obtain medical care.
  24. Assists with medications that are ordinarily self-administered as instructed by the RN Care Coordinator and/or other supervising registered nurse.
  25. Completes routine Foley catheter care.
  26. Assists with changes of colostomy bag/appliance.
  27. Changes simple non-sterile dressing to stable wound.
  28. Assists with the use of devices geared to disability as aids daily living.
  29. Assists with prescribed exercises as taught to the home health aide / hospice aide by appropriate professional personnel.
  30. Assists with prescribed skin care.
  31. Assists with ice cap or ice collar with guidance from RN Care Cordinator.
  32. Performs simple urine test for sugar, acetone, or albumin and record results.
  33. Measures intake and output as ordered.
  34. Prepares modified diets, as prescribed by physician.
  35. Helps patient relearn household skills.
  36. Obtains specimens (urine, sputum) as directed by nurse.
  37. Assists with postural drainage.
  38. Assists with oxygen equipment.
  39. Assists with equipment for sleep apnea.
  40. Adheres to and reflects organizational values in daily work
  41. Serves on agency committees as may be assigned.
  42. Maintains obligation to report wrongdoing/violation of agency policies, applicable federal, state and local laws, and rules and regulations, as pertaining to agency operations to immediate supervisor or identified compliance officer.
  43. Completes all mandatory inservice education programs and completes any other additional inservice hours that are minimally required for the position.

The above examples of work may not be a complete statement of all assignments that may be inherent to the position. Other duties may be assigned as deemed necessary and appropriate by the Administrator/CEO.


  1. 18 years of age or older
  2. Minimum 8th grade math and reading skills
  3. Ability to lift a minimum of 20 pounds, perform one person transfer under routine and emergency situations, reposition a bedbound patient alone, and able to sit, stand, bend, stoop, kneel, pull, climb, reach, lift, and perform repetitive movements of the upper extremities.
  4. Acceptable drivers license and automobile available for use with current insurance
  5. Has successfully completed a Home Health Aide training or equivalency program approved by the NYS Dept. of Health.
  6. Availability by telephone.

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