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From Carol L. Mahoney

Message from Carol L. Mahoney, the Chief Executive Officer, Community Care of Western New York, Inc., HomeCare & Hospice and President and CEO, Total Senior Care, Inc.

Carol L. Mahoney

Sunday, March 22, 2020 6:46 PM

Our Changing World

Hello everyone,

First and foremost, I hope this finds you well and safe.

What a whirlwind of events, information that changes by the hour, and emotions that are strained and in unchartered territory.

Know that whatever feelings you are experiencing are shared by many and completely normal in this untenable circumstance of today and the foreseeable future.

We are consumed by the unknown of this pandemic and the reality that life as we had known it only a few short weeks ago is forever changed.

So much of what is occurring and affecting us is far out of our control, adding to fear and anxiety.  We hardly know what to think or how to get from one day to the next.

Our governor has suggested that we take back control where we can.  Plan your day and the tasks you will complete.  Walk your dog in the sunshine.  Call your friends.

Catch up on a few of the things you have been putting off that will help you feel that you have accomplished something for yourself.  

Do whatever it takes to feel normal in this difficult time.  Doing our usual things, as much of our normal routines as we can, helps to bring a sense of personal control and order.

Perhaps you will find yourself in a position to volunteer.  

To our physicians, nurses, aides, and clinical staff that continue to work with our vulnerable population, I thank you and applaud your compassion and strength in these unsettling times.

Know that you are literally bringing hope and healing to those who depend on your human kindness.  When you chose this course for your life, there is no way you could have ever imagined what is happening now, but here it is, and here you are.  You are encountering fear and uncertainty like never seen before. There is not one person who was prepared for what is happening now, an experience that will go down in history like no other in our life time…and hopefully never again with the trajectory of impact we have seen across the globe. I admire you for your commitment to your work and for lifting up others who need you.  You are the very core of our organization and I am in awe of your embodiment of our mission.

To our staff who work “behind the scenes” to make sure we are held together, I am grateful for your sleepless nights and ongoing efforts to address the ever-evolving environment we face.   It is nearly impossible to stay ahead or on par with the directives we receive and the new geography of our work world.  Each day is a challenge to how flexible we can be in our thinking and course of action where none of the former perspectives apply.  Our patients and participants need care and reassurance.  We need to stock supplies, pay our bills, make sure that invoicing happens for the services we provide, and process payroll.  Our workforce still needs expansion and our current employees require even more support than ever before.  To activate our emergency & disaster preparedness plan means high alert for all of us, not a comfortable circumstance.

To those who serve in governance, this unimaginable situation we face as a health care provider is certainly not what anyone thought they signed up for. Thank you for your constant support and sincere concern for the work that is done here and the future viability of the services we provide to our communities.  You have great insight and compassion, thoughtful contribution and guidance, and unending generosity of time, treasure, and talent.  Our gratitude runs deep, as does our concern for your well-being and those things you may be facing with your own families and work situations.  Your volunteerism in being a part of us is truly remarkable.  Thank you.

Keep the faith and practice all those things that are meant to keep us safe.

With deepest respect and appreciation,

Carol L. Mahoney

Chief Executive Officer                   

Community Care of Western New York, Inc.

HomeCare & Hospice                                              

President and CEO

Total Senior Care, Inc.

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