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Mack Family gives back to HomeCare & Hospice

When Diana Mack was diagnosed with stage 4 lung cancer, she made the choice to go into hospice care. She and her family reached out to HomeCare & Hospice to begin the process of enrolling Diana into the Hospice program.

“My mother chose quality over quantity of life,” said Jennifer Mack, Diana’s daughter.

Though the situation was tough, as Diana’s condition worsened, the Mack family grew closer to Wendy Samuelson and Michelle Emborski, the HomeCare & Hospice staff who were working with their family.

“They were outstanding,” said Jennifer. “They met with us in the hospital when she was hospitalized. They assisted us in any way possible.”

“They were wonderful people,” said Wendy. “Diana was adored by everyone. She was very much admired by so many people. That’s just the way the whole family is. Very warm , caring and giving people. I can’t say enough nice things about them!”

When Diana sadly passed away from the cancer, the Macks wanted to find a way to give back to the agency for all that was done during her illness. It was decided that at Diana’s celebration of life, which took place on March 5th – what would have been Diana’s 57th birthday – a chair made by Diana’s husband, Donald, would be raffled.

“The wood that was used for that chair came off my father’s property,” Jennifer explained. “Everything to do with that chair was homemade.”

A total of $1,077 was raised, all of which was donated to Home Care & Hospice. The chair was won by Diana’s niece, who lives in Georgia, and was delivered to her the week of March 10th.

“I’m convinced we have the most supportive community, friends and family,” said Jennifer. “Without them, this wouldn’t have been possible.”

Donald’s boss suggested the idea of raffling off one of his creations and donating the proceeds to Hospice. In the past, Donald has donated his work to various charities and medical organizations.

“Hospice gives a lot of their time, energy and effort,” said Donald. “I just wanted to make something to give back.”