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Spring Bouquet Sale Flourishes

This year’s Spring Bouquet sale flourished! Every year, the agency begins selling beautiful and vibrant bouquets in two sizes – Traditional (9-stem arrangement) and Hope (18-stem arrangement) at the beginning of January and the flowers are typically delivered during the first week of March.

During presale, 1152 Bouquets of Hope and 1022 Traditional Bouquets were sold, totaling in nearly $26,000 while an extra $4,000 was made selling flowers onsite after their delivery on March 7th and 8th.  In addition, 27 traditional bouquets were donated for Hospice

Flowers were delivered on Sunday, March 5th, where they were then sorted, cut and boxed to be delivered. 59 HomeCare & Hospice employees and volunteers gathered at the First Baptist Church in Olean, The Genesee ARC in Batavia and the Warsaw office to help cut and sort flowers for delivery to wrap up our 2017 Spring Bouquet Sale! Over the next two days, 18 volunteers drove to various on site pre-sale location sites to deliver flowers. In addition the HomeCare & Hospice Guild  members helped sell flowers onsite at various locations in Olean. Thank you to all who helped make this year’s Spring Bouquet Sale a success! Stay tuned for information about next year’s bouquet sale.

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